Exaggerations of the Greater Good

by Other Masquerades

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Written in 2013, recorded February 2014. Just 4 dudes who like to yell and drink hamms.


released 01 April 2014

Donny Olewinski - Guitar / Vocals
Ben Knowlton - Guitar / Vocals
Kris Farrar - Bass / Noise
Seb Alvarez - Drums / Vocals

Produced / Mixed by Matt Frank @ Emaciated Raiden Studios
Mastered by Will @ Dead Air Studios
Album Art by Sebastian Alvarez

Emaciated Raiden Studios:

Dead Air Studios:

Bridal Horse Records:

Thanks to:
Matt Frank, Matt Gundy, Shelby Page, Goldust, Bridal Horse Records and everyone else who have helped us in some way or another.

Fuck Mardukas



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Exaggerations of the Greater Good
Bring us time, choked in the space on top of mountains,
Fed through the cracks where lions eat. The beast feeds, choking on its spit

rushed with a grin.. Who to hold?` Worried no precaution., my hand grabs the cage. Bring us time, my fingers crack. I push my face closer to the cage.

Bring us time, who to hold? Out of breath. I kiss the cage, chew me up precious one.

Remind me how it feels to be alive.

White noise and crippled verses huddled like walls bearing down. Years and years we plunder, handsome drones we mutter.
We charge toward glass horizons, we traced it back to you.

Let's polarize! Then devastate! This distorted view we exaggerate. When overwhelmed with resilience try to reason with levity. Hold it down remain disguised continue on like everything is valid.

Never ending squalor finds its comfort in ourselves.
Track Name: Preludes
Once Chance to regress from landings we built on rot
(At this height it's all so swell, from the bottom up like a covered well)
Eroded doctrines of faith and passion
(Save yourself from what's no longer ritual but more of a bother)
A weeping compound, a vot of surging lungs
(Unforget the times we've shed or drew white flags to save our dead)
FALL! These hands stay reaching up
To collect a mess that won't be fathomed

One mistake that can't be contained, within a grasp of useless disdain,
Can fault a cause with horror and shame and leave it buried with all thoughts the same
Lest we forget

Disconnected but back to back we have accepted this fall from grace steadily declines until the sound of emptiness engulfs us all
our hopes and dreams remain mislead by doubts to ever face the oncoming dread

fall from grace
hopes and dreams

hopes and dreams
Track Name: Owlette (Green)
Carry on and on and forecast misfortune.
To the disheartened, defeated, and strayed.
Contented position won’t mend any bridges.
Just promise to sway the insecure.

Languishing - Fantasy - Passionate - Apathy.

There’s a crippling fear that’s swallowed the yearning hearts of hopeful man.
Subconsciously alone, we become compelled to compromise our only aspirations.
There’s a crippling fear that’s sacrificed the hearts of hopeful, yearning man.
Begin this descent into depravity.

Tame! Preach! En! Vy!

Such unnerving reservations corrupting this present mindset caterwaul.

Why lie to yourself, why bury your head? to show that indeed you are the better man?
is it enough to hold the weight of the world on the shoulders of a broken foundation.

How do you stand with a grin and the judge the truth, when your life is based on stories you heard as a child.
it's not love, simply fraud in the most meaningless sense of the word.
they're just words in a book, there's no hidden truth. they're just words in a book used for greater good they're just words in a book that people die for the same words you use to brainwash shame.

they're just words.

ripped from the womb, cut from the chord
i was told that the end would bring only joy. am i wrong to believe you? am i wrong to know the differance from life and lie?
Track Name: Tides
Under tides from the west a shrivled hand pokes it’s head. Engulfed but screaming out for remorse.

Remorse is dead (at god’s hands).
Ambition grows (hands dissappear).

Was it all fact? Have i misread the rules?

Open eyes create an excuse to change. I will kill at my god’s hands. I am born again.

In the silence of tattered rags of warmth. The milk tastes so sweet. I am born again.

Shattered shards of capable beings drowned out. Can’t wait the night. Face down.

I ate his silver tongue, the grief of reward.
Track Name: Turnt (Bonus Track)
these sick thoughts raised behind the hands of free falling men
a retort, a frail mind, brings the hands through, bringing the hands back through ancient times.

manual labor in contemporary slums, oh they're knocking down our houses and passing out guns

there's a silence in the air, an uproar of tongues
water and drowning, a beach full of crows
so we sleep through our youth and when we awake
they're still knocking down our houses and passing out guns

the water breaks
a baby's born
full of hope
until reform
a shackled mind
a worthless whore
betray mankind

dead system

we exist on every breath you take
(our vile thorns are in your sides)
on wooden horses across the salted seas
(our vile thorns are in your sides)

forget our names.