Split w/ Blisshead

by Other Masquerades

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recorded at the end of summer 2015. This was meant to be a short EP until both of us coincidentally realized we were releasing the same amount of songs. Friends 5ever. Hamms for life


released October 7, 2015

Other Masquerades is:
Donny Olewinski - Guitar / Vocals
Seb Alvarez - Drums / Vocals
Kris Farrar - Bass

Tracked and Mixed @ Ziggler Studios by Zack Farrar
Mastered by Jeff Leber

Blisshead is:
Brenton Mann - Vocals
Connor Rademaker - Guitar
Keegan Lewis - Bass
Chance Tremlin - Drums

Tracked, Mixed and Mastered @ Raygun Studios

HINT: you should totally go to Blisshead's bandcamp and check out everything else they may have all up on there.




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Other Masquerades Chicago, Illinois

3 piece experimental hardcore band from just outside Chicago.

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Track Name: Warmth
Exhaustion breaths it's cold bitter breath on my neck, I recall that day in hell, "It's only a dream, it's only a dream" absorb the filth where I bring my head to rest, the corroded mind sings with me "it's only a dream, it's only a dream"

Digest to numb
Repeat cravings
Controlled till sleep

It's all the fucking same

Patience Buried // Constant Gnawing

It's all the fucking same

Release me
Track Name: Ciao
The faults in our masked charade outweigh the sirens of these lasting impressions

-- I can’t speak for all but I think I know total devastation –

the meek will inherit what’s left of the rotting worms

-- Just the sight of all worlds crashing leaves me gasping for more desolation –

Curiously, it all seems justified
Curiously, it all seems like a justified collapse

Oh no! I’ve heard this one before
Choking on sunken ship strewn shores
Here will lie our wish for stronger dreams
And paintings of thoughtful, scolded screams

Phantoms leading cross-hairs

We speculate in storms of déjà vu
Reformed at last by a sleight of hand
There’s danger in losing what we know
Out with the old and in with the unresolved

Condemn me, I’ve done everything
​​​ (in heaven, they say everything will be just fine)

The shameless constants in the arrogance displayed are the chances of failure.

Cherish always
(your) Safety net
Track Name: Brain Child
Rebirth, a shadow's mouth to bury me
It shines its broken teeth as it all settles down

In a cold sweat, I breathe anxiously (When vacant, I decay)
Broken mirrors and a crimson hand
(When vacant I decay)


The daunting coexistence of flesh and bone: < ‘Verse’>
From head to toe, it’s suffocating.
My only fear is clearly transparent.
It swells and stains and screams of disgust

It all tastes the same
Feeding like a rat
Anxiously await
Wordless, reflection in primitive code

Force fed and sailing on these oceans of dread. Feed me time.

Only in times of desperation is the body willing to succomb
A deity's head beside you a foreign smell in the air
A false reality of blind rage and blissful thinking
(The discord that hangs and flails about is dancing along a delicate line)
(It all makes me smile and I can’t help but laugh and seethe though my teeth)


Bodies While
Fucking Like a Rat